Why Revent



Best Baking Quality

At Revent we love to take the time to share a piece of bread or pastry. So do our customers, the bakers, whose satisfaction and enjoyment also comes from serving their customers. We know that without the skill and expertise of all these fantastic bakers around the world, nobody would get to enjoy a wonderful piece of bread or pastry. We also know that there is no other rack oven providing the baker with the same level of evenness, volume and high water retention as a Revent oven does. And the fact that by using our ovens, our customers sales are increasing, while their costs and wastage are decreasing, is just the icing on the cake.



Properly maintained Revent ovens have been proven to last twice as long as other rack ovens. A large amount of materials, steel for example, is required to manufacture a rack oven. As our ovens have such a long life cycle you could say that every Revent oven sold indirectly makes our planet a better place for all people. In addition, our customers can prosper financially from the longevity of our products.



A Revent oven like all machines requires maintaince and service. We take pride in the knowledge that the maintenance cost of our ovens is up to 50 percent lower compared to other brands. This in turn means less parts wasted and peace of mind for the baker that the oven will support them in their daily business. To us reliability is essential.


Lowest Energy Consumption

There are several different methods of measuring energy consumption in our industry. Based on our experience, a true measurement of an oven’s total energy consumption can only be achieved by measuring it when baking bread, pastry or cake products like for like in different oven models. May it be one cycle or continuous baking,

a Revent rack oven will save you up to 40 percent in energy cost. The positive effect of such a saving is undeniable, for the long term survival of both businesses and the planet. The low life-cycle carbon footprint of our ovens is true sustainability!


24/7 Productivity

A Revent rack oven will in most cases increase your productivity with more than 20 percent compared to other rack ovens. Because of the short recovery time, the well-known high-heat retention and our Multibake system, our ovens just bake more per hour. For the baker this advantage is not only reducing the costs of resources but improving the working hours and working conditions. Did we say that it will reduce your carbon footprint?



A Revent rack oven is very forgiving and can bake all products with the best quality result. This simplifies the bakers daily work, and reduces investments and operating costs. By the unique design, our ovens are also working perfectly when baking several different products in the same bake. Fully utilizing your oven will lower your wastage and reduce both costs and resources, helping to save the planet.

Oven Setup

The Revent wedge assembly system, invented in the 1970’s, in combination with the oven design and pre-programmed control panel makes it possible to install and start up an oven in four hours. This minimises installation costs and disruption in your bakery. Our wedge system also makes it possible to relocate the oven when needed in the future. This lowers investments and preserves our planet.


Safe and Easy Operation

One could say that working to improve and simplify the bakers daily work runs in our genes ever since we invented the first rack oven to replace a deck oven. Our mission to improve the daily work of the bakers is still vital to us. Just take a minute to reflect on the minimized risk of burn injuries the next time you slide open the door of our latest innovation, the ONE Series. And how about our interactive control panel, along with our intelligent oven management system which makes it easier to use the oven direct or remote, to define and deliver sustainable benefits.