Revent Deck Oven


The Revent Deck Ovens gives a superb artisan quality of the baked product.

Baking quality

• Superb artisan quality of the baked product.

• Even bake throughout the chamber secured through:

– Porous natural clay hearth stones

– 3 zone heat regulation securing an even bake

• Temperature range up to 400° C for flatbread

Maximum heating capacity: see table
Temperature range: 0–400ºC, 34-752ºF
Total shipping weight: see table
Steam generation:0,25 l/20 sec.
Standard delivery oven section as one piece.
Legs, castors and conopy separately.
1-5 oven decks.
Oven chamber door with glass windows pivoting
upwards and inwards frees space in front of the oven.

Convenient bottom shelf for easy reach
of supplies.
Pull-out shelf supporting loading process just
when you need it.
Oven legs with castors enabling easy cleaning.
Stainless steel outside lining decorating
Voltage: available in most common voltages

Utility Requirements

Electrical: available in 3-phase voltages
Water Supply: 1/2” NPT, 1-6 bar,
pH 7.5-8.5, dH 4˚-7˚


Oven chamber exhaust: : ø 100 mm
Canopy evacuation capcity: 150-200m3/h per
oven deck recommmended.

Installation requirements
The oven must be installed on a levelled,
non-combustible floor.
The oven may not be installed closer than 50
mm / 2” against any wall by rear or side.
Position the oven so that its right hand side can be accessed easily in order to remove
the right-hand panel giving easy access to the back of the control panel and
facillitating service.
The space on top of the oven must be well ventilated and the temperature must not exceed 50°C / 120°F in order to avoid damage to electrical components.

Low Crown: internal height 210 mm. Standard is

High Crown: internal height 245 mm.
> Underbult prover with steam generator.
> Extra pull-out bottom shelf.
> Grid for oven chamber sole.
> Case with movable shelf support allows
for different case size combinations.
> Standard option: 16 shelf supports.
> Automatic humidity control.