Carreras Forn de Pa, Sabadell, Spain.

Carreras Forn de Pa, a family business for three generations, has been molded into today’s contemporary design café and bakery. The wide assortment ranges from sweet pastries to local Catalan breads and typical Spanish large flat tarts baked in layers with different fillings. This artisan bakery was founded in 1932 and is now run by Josep Carreras and his sister and brother; grandchildren of the founder.

Josep Carreras about Revent.

“I take pride in every little piece of bread that we make. My brother, sister and I carry on the legacy of our father and our grandfather before him. We will not sacrifice quality for anything. When it comes to ovens we need the flexibility to be able to bake different products at the same time. Still, we

aim for the highest quality. We need an even bake without losing too much of the bread’s weight. Revent has proved to be reliable in every aspect.”