Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie, Stockholm, Sweden.

Damien Foschiatti and his partner Malin are the founders and owners of Fosch Artisan Pâtisserie in Stockholm. Prior to starting  the swedish-French bread & pastry shop of their dreams, Damien worked in bakeries and restaurants all over the world, from Washington D.C, where he created pastries for clients such as the Clintons, to Laudurée in Paris. Toghether Damien and Malin have worked along Pascal Dupuy in Oslo, at famous restaurant Rockpool in Sydney, and at the former Lux restaurant in Stockholm. For Revent, Damien has travelled to numerous bakeries and trade shows around the world, training bakers and gained the experience of how to bake the specialities of each region he has visited.


Damien Foschiatti on Revent.

“For me as pastry chef it was no question choosing the Revent ovens for my bakery. Daily, we are baking everything from heavy grain breads to delicate pastries. For that we need ovens that requires no adjustments to get the same bakes over and over again. As the space in the bakery is quite small, and we must utilize it wisely, the round ONE oven and its sliding door has been a saviour. It frees space and it doesn’t give me a heat wave blowing up in my face everytime I open it. The design is of importance too, as the bakery is visibly open from within the pastry shop and from the window facing the street.