Lindebergs Bageri & Konditori, Orminge, Stockholm, Sweden.

Daniel Lindeberg is the former chef and baker at the gourmet restaurant, Franzén Lindeberg in the Old Town area of Stockholm. While at Franzén Lindeberg, Daniel was co-leader of the team that brought the restaurant to the pinnacle of success, rendering them a star in the prestigious Michelin Guide. Not long ago, Daniel moved on and fulfilled his dream of opening a top bakery in his hometown of Orminge, only a half-hour drive from Stockholm.

Daniel Lindeberg about Revent.

“If there was a Nobel Prize in even bake, you guys should get it. The even bake is paramount when baking and Revent seems to have understood that much better than others. The round oven with the sliding door is perfect. With ordinary ovens, I used to get a heatwave in my face every time I opened the door. Now it’s just a pleasant feeling. The fact that the door slides open has another benefit: it requires much less space. This may not be so important for the business, but I just love the look of it. It may be hot inside but it sure

looks cool.”