Mexipan 2024

Welcome to Cremeria Americana stand #312 and Backaldrin stand #244 at Mexipan 2024 to see the Revent renowned ovens baking. Take part in inspiring discussions on how to integrate Revent equipment into a successful baking process.


At the Demo Aula we will bake different kinds of bread and pastries, and we will bake them all at the same time. We call it Multibaking. Keeping the shelves full of fresh baked products all day long with minimum waste and maximum freshness requires flexibility in dough preparation and baking off. The Revent ovens bake everything, from heavy rye breads to soft buns, and tin bread and macarons. They allow baking a mix of different products in each bake without compromising with quality. The unique oven airflow enables even baking even when mixing products. Experience how you can make your offer varied and keep your shelves filled-up during the day.


Revent is at the Mexipan 20204 expo a proud partner to butter and margarine manufacturer Cremeria Americana and to baking ingredients manufacturer Backaldrin.


Welcome to visit us and our partners on July 31 to August 3, at Centro Citibanamex, in the Cremeria Americana stand # 312 and the Backaldrin stand #244.