After we came up with the first rack oven, things have been speeding up. We are closely knit into the baking community, and develop all new technologies with the baker’s needs in mind. Recent results can be found in products launches like the Rotosole System and the Vacuum Cooler, technological milestones which enhances any baking business’ total cost of ownership through reduction of energy, staff, waste and handling. We think climate-smart.


Today, we are proud to present a truly breadspirational line of high end baking equipment. The crown jewels of our collection are of course the ONE series ovens. The elegantly and ergonomically designed ONE39 and ONE26 are not only showstoppers in any bakery or shop, they are also world leaders in energy efficiency. To that the bakery required footprint is significantly reduced, the multi-baking opportunities are vast, and the quality of the end products is striking. 

As for all our ovens, the ONE series are designed to last long with high performance. Apart from quality being the guiding principle from the drawing table to the production line, we are looking at the whole chain of events up to the oven is ready for use in the bakery or in the shop. To assist our customers in receiving the very best value for money, the Revent Service Centre offers and provide installation, maintenance and repair services globally to ensure ONE quality installation and service.


We further invite professional bakers to our test baking facilities to try out our ovens on their own products and challenging ideas. Meet our skilled bakers or have them visit you for training and tests. This sharing of knowhow is a practical take on our core values: reliability, value creation and innovativeness.

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