Tin Bread

Machinery used: Revent Proofer, Revent 726/Revent ONE39, Revent Vacuum Cooler.

Mixing: First speed 4 min, second speed 2 min.

Proofing: 1h30 at 34˚C / 93˚F or overnight slow proofing.

Baking parameters: 180˚C/356˚F for 45 min.

Vacuum curve and baking parameters: 195˚C / 383˚f for 35 min. 2:00/100 mBar 0:30/20mBar stop at 32˚C/90˚F.


Ingredients      quantity in grams/lb

Flour                   6050g / 13.33 lb

Water                3600g/  7.93 lb

Salt                      80g/   0.17 lb

Yeast                  120g/  0.26 lb

Oil                        270g/ 0.59 lb

Milk powder   160g/ 0.35 lb



Mix all ingredients. Weigh the dough at 800g/ 1.76 lb. Put in forms and into the proofer.