Sourdough Bread

Machinery used: Revent Proofer, Revent Rotosole, Revent Vacuum Cooler.

Mixing process: First speed 5 min. Leave 1h to rest. Then first speed 15 min, second speed 5 min.

Proofing: 2h30 at 26˚C/79˚F, or overnight slow proofing.

Baking parameters: 240 ˚C /464˚F for 1 min, then 210˚C/410˚F for 20 min and finally 190˚C/374˚F for 14 min. Damper open after 22 min.


Ingredients      quantity in grams/lb

Flour                   4000g/ 8.81 lb

Water                3000g/ 6.61 lb

Salt                      100g /  0.22 lb

Yeast                  4g / 0.008 lb

Sourdough       2000g/ 4.40 lb



Mix flour and water. Rest one hour. Add all the others ingredients and make a second mixing process.

Leave the dough 1h at room temperature. Fold the dough and leave at 4˚C / 40˚F for at least 2 h.

Divide the dough at 500g/ 1.10 lb .

Leave in the proofer before baking.