Machinery used: Revent Proofer, Revent 726/Revent ONE39, revent Vacuum Cooler.

Mixing: First speed 6 min, second speed 3 min.

Baking parameters: 165˚C/330˚F for 35 min.

Vacuum curve and baking parameters: 180 ˚C /356˚F for 25min. 2:45/100mBar 0:45/25mBar, stop at 32˚C/90˚F.


Pastry Shell

Ingredients      quantity in grams/lb

Flour                   2000g/ 4.40 lb

Eggs                    150g/  0.33 lb

Water                500g/  1.10 lb

Butter                1000g/ 2.20lb

Salt                      40g/ 0.08 lb



Ingredients      quantity in grams/lb

Cream                1000g/ 2.20 lb

Eggs                    200g/ 0.44lb

Salt                      8g/  0.01 lb

Pepper              2g/ 0.004lb



Pastry shell: Mix butter well into the flour until granular then add rest of ingredients. Mix few more seconds. Keep dough in fridge overnight before shaping and lining pie tins.

Filling: Mix all ingredients. Distribute some ham or turkey and cheese into the lined tins, then fill them up with the egg and cream batter.