Machinery used: Revent Proofer, Reve t 726/Revent ONE39, Revent Rotosole.

Mixing: First speed 6 min, second speed 3 min.

Proofing: 1h at 28 ˚C/82˚F, or all over night slow proofing.

Baking parameters: 220˚C/428˚F for 16 min with 3 sec of steam damper opened after 12 min.


Ingredients          Quantity in gr/lb

Flour                    4550g/10 lb

Water                  3300g/7.27lb

Salt                     80g/ 0.17 lb

Yeast                  70g/ 0.15lb

Olive oil.              200g/ 0.44lb

Sugar                  80g/ o.17lb



Mix all ingredients except the oil. Add the olive oil 2 min before ending.

Leave the dough 1h30 at room temperature.

Divide at 150g/ 0.33 lb and proof for another 1h30 before baking.