Machinery used: Mixer, Revent ONE39/Revent 726

Mixing process: 2 min full speed.

Baking parameters: 160˚C/320˚F for 11 min, damper closed.


Ingredients       quantity in grams/ lb

Almond flour     300g/ 0.66lb

Egg withes       105g/0.23lb

Icing sugar       300g/0.66lb



Egg white        115g/0.25lb

Sugar              300g/ 0.66lb

Water              75g/ 0.16lb

Color               1g/ 0.002lb



Mix by hand icing sugar, egg whites, almond flour.

Italian meringue: boil sugar and water at 120˚c/248˚f. Pour onto egg whites while whisking the meringue until it has cooled. Fold the meringue in the first mix.

Use piping bag to make an nice round macaron. Leave at tray for 30 min in room temperature before baking.

Let cool down then mount two halves together with a ganache or jam of choice in between.