French Baguette

Machinery used: Revent Proofer, Revent Rotosole, Revent Vacuum Cooler

Mixing process: first speed 10 min second speed 2 min

Proofing: 1h30 26˚c /79 ˚f  or over night slow proofing

Baking parameters: Preheat at 240˚c/465 ˚f 210˚c /410 ˚f  24 min damper open after 17 min steam 4 sec.

Vacuum process: Preheat at 240˚c/465 ˚f 220˚c/428 ˚f 16 min damper open after 10 min steam 4 sec. Vacuum 2 min/20 mBar to 32˚c/90 ˚f.


Ingredients      quantity in grams/ lb

Flour                   7050g/ 15.54 lb

Water                4900g/ 10.80 lb

Salt                      155g /  0,34 lb

Yeast                  105g/  0,23 lb



Mix all ingredients. After mixing the dough should be around 26˚c/79˚f.

Leave the dough 1 hour at room temperature.

Divide at 350g/ 0,77lb and give a nice baguette shape.

Leave in the proofer before baking.