Machinery used: Mixer, Sheeter, Revent Proofer, Revent ONE39, Revent Vacuum Cooler

Mixing process: First speed 6 min, second speed 6 min.

Proofing: 2 hours 30˚C/86˚F   80% or long curve during 6 to 48h slow proofing for better quality

Baking parameters: 175˚C/347˚F   20min   damper closed.

Vacuum process: 195˚C/383 ˚F for 16 min at 1:30/20 mBar.


Ingredients      quantity in grams/ lb

Flour                   2400g/ 5.29lb

Water                1200g/ 2.64lb

Sugar                  310g/ 0.68 lb

Salt                      50g/  0.11 lb

Milk powder   100g/ 0.22lb

Yeast                  120g/ 0.26lb

Butter                1000g/ 2.20lb



Mix all ingredients except the butter. Dough should be between 26˚C to 28˚C / 79˚F to 86˚F straight after mixing.

Laminate dough one double and one simple folding. Wait 45 min before shaping the croissant.

Size shaping 22cm by 6cm 80gr/0.17lb.