29 Feb 2012

We don’t ask for much. Just for life to be as brilliant as it seemed when we were kids. Anything would be possible, they told us. And we could achieve whatever we set our mind to. So when most of our friends went off to art school, medical school, became astronauts or possibly marine biologists - we started to bake bread.

We baked and we baked, one batch at a time. Oh, good times. We eventually stacked a whole bunch of rolls and buns into bigger and bigger ovens, on racks. This went on, and our fame spread. As did our passion for bread.

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Today, we’re the no 1 rack oven producer world wide. We got representatives in many countries, offering our unparallelled technologies to bread lovers in America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and all the way down under. In 2011, the original Revent rack oven was for the first time accompanied by the Revent Rotosole and the Revent Vacuum Cooler. Two innovations that help great bakers become even better.

We love this. It’s a joyful crusade for seeking out the best in all bakers, and the greatest of all bread. In fact, we’re so hooked on flour based products that we’ve launched the world’s first bread finding app, in App Store and Android Markets. It is called BreadSeeker – and is a mobile search engine that immediately tells you where the nearest bakery, café or pastry shop is located given your position. Anywhere in the world! The BreadSeeker app is free for download, sharing, rating, and posting on your facebook wall for all your partners in bread to enjoy.

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Now, all this would probably never have happend if it weren’t for those special ones who told us that we could become anything in life. Even bakers. A spark that pushed us toward decades of innovation and sometimes ridiculously hard work. But foremost, toward a beautiful situation where we through our own creations can assist in bringing great bread to anyone that appreciate it. To artists, doctors, astronauts. Possibly even to the occasional marine biologist.

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