Reshaping the world of baking.

01 October 2013

 Revent’s line of advanced baking ovens has been at the technological frontier for decades. Our latest innovation aims at perfecting this already high standard. Let us introduce the round oven.

This oven is groundbreaking in both shape and characteristics. By creating a round chamber, we made the oven slimmer and at the same time more powerful. It scores high in all important aspects such as baking quality, footprint and energy. But also in visibility, ergonomics, maneuverability, reliability, flexibility, profitability, durability and ease of installation and service. The simplicity proves itself from day one since anyone can operate it. Just plug and bake.

Revent intends to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible in baking technology, and this new energy efficient baking powerhouse is an example of our innovative leadership in the bakery equipment industry. Our ovens meet the increasingly tough requirements within the food industry – all while delivering smaller footprint and lower energy consumption using modern materials.

The round chamber together with an intelligent 3-layered glass, fewer heat bridges and modern insulation leads to a minimum of energy waste. It uses less water and energy for baking, and the total life cycle energy consumption is minimized with fewer parts, less material and lower weight, creating less handling in the recycle process.

We are proud to showcase this innovation at IBIE in Las Vegas on October 6-9.

In bread we trust.



08 February 2013

After the ROTOSOLE success in semi industry and supermarkets, we can observe that the artisan bakers also appreciate the profitability and comfort of the concept. We are very proud to participate in the good profitability of our customers business, and to once again drive the baking process one step ahead, thanks to a very simple but oh so efficient idea which clearly meets the real needs of the market.

This year on PELLE EQUIPEMENTS' stand at Sirha exhibition, Lyon, the priority was given to highlight the new patented ROTOSOLE unit, a truly revolutionising invention combining artisan results with rack oven capacity.

Once again, SIRHA fair has respected its tradition, to let professionals discover the suppliers and their novelties in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. This is one of the places where professionals
can come alone or with colleagues, with their families, wife and children, who are often much more concerned than what we could imagine.


12 October 2012

Throughout the IBA show, energy and energy reduction was an important topic highlighted by many exhibitors and market actors. Revent is a true advocate for energy reduction. At IBA, Revent took the lead by declaring ”GOING FOR 70% ENERGY REDUCTION”. What does this mean?

Revent is launching a vision to seriously help bakers minimize their energy consumption. Already today with the help of our powerful innovations we can promise extensive energy reductions.


1. With the launch of our new rack oven introduced at IBA 2012 we know that a 15% reduction is well within reach. And this is in comparison to our present Rack Oven which according to test institute Fisher-Nickel (, is the most energy efficient Rack Oven on the market.

2. The Revent Vacuum Cooler in its turn, allows you to reduce the normal baking time by up to 25-45% depending on product. The total result is a quicker baking and cooling process with less ingredients, less waste, fewer transports and less energy. And better tasting bread.

3. Finally, by using our new intelligent control panel, the GIAC, you can optimize the energy usage. The Energy Save Mode feature helps you save up to 75% of the energy used when the oven is running idle. The Batch Baking feature can save you another 5-10% when baking.

If you add these three steps together you could today reach an energy reduction of around 50%.

Revents’ vision is 70% energy reduction. 


12 October 2012

The IBA Exhibition in Munich was truly a great success for Revent!  At IBA with its 70.000 visitors
from 177 countries we really felt at home meeting visitors from small local artisan bakeries to several of the worlds largest industrial bakeries.

Together with our distinguished distributors we managed to take on a number of positive factors that combined gave our customers an outstanding visiting experience in the stand. Our attractive corner location along one of the centre main pedestrian ”hi-ways”, a live bakery frizzling with activity from early morning, continuously supplying wonderful fresh bread and pastries throughout the day was a big hit. A colorful eye-catchning stand design topped off with sharp presentations of bread samples showing the advantages of the Revent ovens, our Rotosole System and the Revent Vacuum Cooler rendered much interest and curious questions.

These factors together all contributed to an overall positive customer experience and worked as an incentive for fruitful business discussions.


29 Feb 2012

We don’t ask for much. Just for life to be as brilliant as it seemed when we were kids. Anything would be possible, they told us. And we could achieve whatever we set our mind to. So when most of our friends went off to art school, medical school, became astronauts or possibly marine biologists - we started to bake bread.

We baked and we baked, one batch at a time. Oh, good times. We eventually stacked a whole bunch of rolls and buns into bigger and bigger ovens, on racks. This went on, and our fame spread. As did our passion for bread.

image description

Today, we’re the no 1 rack oven producer world wide. We got representatives in many countries, offering our unparallelled technologies to bread lovers in America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and all the way down under. In 2011, the original Revent rack oven was for the first time accompanied by the Revent Rotosole and the Revent Vacuum Cooler. Two innovations that help great bakers become even better.

We love this. It’s a joyful crusade for seeking out the best in all bakers, and the greatest of all bread. In fact, we’re so hooked on flour based products that we’ve launched the world’s first bread finding app, in App Store and Android Markets. It is called BreadSeeker – and is a mobile search engine that immediately tells you where the nearest bakery, café or pastry shop is located given your position. Anywhere in the world! The BreadSeeker app is free for download, sharing, rating, and posting on your facebook wall for all your partners in bread to enjoy.

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Now, all this would probably never have happend if it weren’t for those special ones who told us that we could become anything in life. Even bakers. A spark that pushed us toward decades of innovation and sometimes ridiculously hard work. But foremost, toward a beautiful situation where we through our own creations can assist in bringing great bread to anyone that appreciate it. To artists, doctors, astronauts. Possibly even to the occasional marine biologist.

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