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Experience Equipment for Bakeries and Cafés!

> 2022-09-15

At the IBIE 2022 show we proudly present an updated offer to the In-store bakeries and the Artisan Bakery Cafés. Besides the Revent 700 series rack ovens and the one-of-a-kind ONE series oven we offer high-quality convection ovens from Wiesheu providing maximum baking capacity and energy savings, high speed cooking ovens from Atollspeed for that perfect snack food, and a range of high-quality coffee machinery from the Italian company Ryoma.


Improve your profitability by a sustainable baking process! Our bakers will bake quality products with maximum efficiency in different types of ovens. Get a taste of Artisanal baking for Bakery Cafés and learn how a multibake can minimize energy and time consumption, lower labor cost and wastage. 

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