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Revent at NAFEM 2017, booth # 4208

> 2017-02-06


Experience the new ONE series. A round oven setting new standards for baking. Come visit our compact bakery where we will bake bread and pastries in our new round ONE39 oven. Let us show how you can achieve great things in a small space.

Professional bakers all over the world are already praising the ONE series ovens for their flexibility, the exclusive design, the quality of the baked products, and the footprint that is reduced with at least 40%. It goes all in line with our goal of reaching long term profitability for our customers. Not only by increased revenue, but also through the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Get a preview of our new artisan test bakery which opens in New Jersey in 2017! In cooperation with our business partner Kornfeil we are setting up a meeting spot for all bakers. Here you will be able to test bake all kinds of bread and pastry in the most diversified range of ovens. State of the art technology. Proven energy efficiency. Productivity with flexibility. What better way is there to find the perfect oven than to try it in action?



Ron Schumacher | National Sales Manager

Revent Incorporated

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About Revent

Revent is a world leading manufacturer of rotating rack ovens for baking top quality artisanal bread and pastry. Our latest innovation, The ONE series, with its round baking chamber and a sliding door, has set a new standard in the market - with even better flexibility and cost efficiency. We are truly a global company with 4 subsidiaries and production facilities in Sweden and in the USA. Our ovens are used daily by bakeries in over 100 countries.


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